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Midnight Fishing - Nothin like a warm summer night :::

Heres another one from captiva. After another jammin night at the club we decide to go fishing at 3 oclock in the morning. One of the advantages to playing captiva is we get free access to the boats (kewl)

So grabbed two kayaks and huff over to the beach. Slugger(keys) and Buzzy(sax) take a fishing line each and start rowing out into the ocean - Hey we wanted a big fish. So they row out about 100 yards - the full moon that night made for great lighting. Buzzy drops his line and turns around to paddle in. Then we hear a big splash - Slugger had dropped his line and in the process of turning around flipped his canoe - great lets go swimming with shark at 3 am.

Buzzy helps Slugger get back upright and they paddle in together. Slugger sits down and lights a ciggarette and not 30 seconds later his line takes off hard. He ended up with a 27 pound snook on the last night ot the season. What a catch. Boy it tasted good too - we had the chef at the club cook it for us the next day.

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