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Mom's Garage in Neptune Beach. - Where it all started for most of us. :::

Dru Lombar's mom tolerated us out in her garage at Neptune Beach, Florida until we got tight on some original stuff, just like everybody has to do when they play bars and clubs.

Dru began with the Soul Searchers. He then got together with Thumper (Leon Wilkerson) and started the KJV Band. Then I joined him in the band MAGI and toured out West. Needless to say, I OD'd and went home. He should have gotten Dave Hlubeck, to play rhythym instead me to play keyboards.

Then I stayed in the music business by doing recordings, mostly, and a lot of original writing. Dru was the back cone of a lot of Southern Rock and R&B (or I should say, s he would have me to say,) his mother was. GOOD BY OLD FRIEND!

This story by Crazy-Jack
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